Microsoft Will Include AI Support In Paint Application, Snipping Tool And Photos Pula


Microsoft really sees artificial intelligence (AI) as a feature that should be included in existing products. In the Edge web browser, Bing Chat can be used to perform more precise searches while in Office various writing assistance features are provided with the help of ChatGPT.

According to the Windows Central report, Microsoft will soon provide AI features to the Paint, Snipping Tool and Photos applications in Windows 11. On Paint, drawings can be generated by generative AI by entering text only. Just like the Image Creator on Bing Chat.

On the Snipping Tool, it will receive the ability to read the text on the image quickly. The read text can be copied for use in other applications. The same feature is now standard on Android and iOS devices.

Finally on Photos, AI can identify subjects and elements in the picture which can then be deleted or pasted on another image. This feature is similar to Magic Eraser on Google Photos.

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