TikTok Fined RM 1.7 Billion For Mishandling User Data


 TikTok was fined €345 million (~RM 1.7 billion) in Ireland for being found guilty of handling the data of underage users. The fine was issued by the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) for TikTok's failure to comply with GPDR guidelines in the handling of child user data. TikTok is now given three months to ensure their data complies with the guidelines.

Among the mistakes made is not locking the account of underage users to private instead of being accessible to other users for Stitch and Duet features. DPC also said that the feature of placing an adult user as the controller of the account of a minor user can also be done tapa their verification of the real guardian.

TikTok disagreed with the DPC's actions and said all these deficiencies had been addressed before the investigation began. Accounts of 16-year-old users have been set as private if registered today. Duet and Stitch barriers have also been introduced on underage user accounts.