Alibaba Announces Tongyi Qianwen 2.0 AI Model With Hundreds of Billions of Parameters

 Alibaba has announced its latest Tongyi Qianwen 2.0 artificial intelligence (AI) model with hundreds of billions of parameters. This puts it on par with GPT-3 which has 175 billion parameters but far behind GPT-4 with 1.76 trillion parameters which at the same time makes it the most powerful AI at the moment.

Based on Tongyi Qianwen 2.0, Alibaba has produced eight new AIs targeting use in the financial, health, legal and even entertainment sectors. This new model was announced just six months after the first model was launched by Alibaba showing how intensively AI is being developed in China.

New models can still be trained even though technology barriers imposed by America make the latest Ai chips produced by AMD and NVIDIA no longer accessible to Chinese technology firms. In another report, NVIDIA will reportedly have to cancel $5 billion worth of AI chip purchases to companies in China for 2024 to meet new export guidelines announced earlier.

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