Activision Blizzard Ever Wanted to Open Its Own App Store

 Google and Epic Games are currently in a lawsuit hearing following the banning of the Fortnite app from the Play Store. Activision Blizzard has been called and an interesting thing has been revealed which is that they once had plans to come up with their own first focused application store to compete with Google.

The first plan is that they want to work with Epic Games and also Supercell (developer of Clash of Clans) to offer the application from a special website. Users can then update, make in-app purchases and more through this store. Second is to come up with a Steam-like store for smartphones by only charging app distributors/publishers 10%-12% compared to Google which charges 30%.

Activision Blizzard also has plans to come with the store on the iPhone. This project is named as Project Boston, which should be launched in 2019 or 2020. But this project did not continue because it did not bring good income. They then entered into an agreement with Google worth over $100 million to offer most of the titles directly to the Play Store.

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