All New sooka – Starting at RM14.90 Per Month, More Content, More Value

 sooka is the only Malaysian streaming app that offers a variety of live sports channels. When compared to other streaming applications, it is clear that sooka wins in terms of offering sports content channels, which are not offered in most streaming applications available in Malaysia. Not just a sports channel, it is also complete with a variety of local and international entertainment programs that are seen to be able to satisfy a variety of user interests and preferences.

sooka just announced some new offerings for their streaming platform. If previously sooka's offer consisted of 3 types of packages, now they have updated their plan making it up to 5 types of monthly packages, including 1 24-hour viewing pass. For free viewing, you can access some Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels at no extra charge. Among the channels you can watch are Astro Arena, Astro Awani, Film Mantap, Drama Hebat, Drama Hotpot, Lawak Sentral and Travel & Taste.

While for the 24-hour viewing pass, it is suitable for those of you who like to finish watching every episode and your favorite show in one day. You can get this 24-hour pass at a price of only RM12.90 for each day. Through it, you can watch your favorite shows at 720p resolution and available for use on one device at a time. It's also a good subscription for those of you who only watch seasonal shows, like football matches.

The other 4 sooka packages have been classified into their own category. These packages are seen to be able to give you the flexibility to choose the channels of the shows you want and are interested in watching only. At the same time, it prevents you from spending more on content that we watch less.

The entertainment package is a basic monthly package that you can subscribe to. This package offers a variety of Asian drama content as well as reality shows at 720p HD resolution. If you are a fan of drama, you can subscribe to this package at a price of only RM14.90 per month.

If you are someone who is interested in watching sports shows, there are two package options that you can subscribe to. These two package options will combine the basic entertainment package with the sports content you want, either for the Malaysian League sports program only or the entertainment package with all types of sports whether Malaysian or international matches.

If you subscribe to the Malaysian League and entertainment package, you can subscribe for RM28.90/month. While the package that combines all sports and entertainment content can be subscribed at a price of RM34.90. This package is seen to have been lowered in price which was previously RM41.90/month. Both of these plans support 720p resolution displays and can be viewed on two devices simultaneously.

If you are someone who doesn't like ads, sooka has a solution. Through the Premium package, you can enjoy watching your favorite shows at 1080p resolution without any ad interruption. You can also access all the content offered for 3 devices along with 1 television simultaneously without any problem. This package has also been reduced in price, which was previously priced at RM84.90, but this time you can get it for only RM49.90. Just pay less than RM50, for all types of content, high resolution and no ads. Worth it right?

Among the exclusive content that can only be accessed by sooka users are such as Liga Prima, Liga Malaysia, Formula 1, NBA, BWF Championship, MotoGP, UFC and many more. In fact, television shows such as All Stars Gegar Vaganza (GV10) and Hero Dewi Remaja 2023 can also be accessed through this platform. Whatever you want to watch, sooka has it all. So, download the sooka app on the Apple Store and Google Play Store, subscribe to the latest sooka plan, and you will no longer miss the various interesting shows that are hot today.

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