Google Messages Now Has 1 Billion Users With RCS Enabled

 Google today shared that users of the messaging app Google Messages now have more than 1 billion users who have activated the RCS feature through it.

For information, the feature of RCS is the ability to send messages enriched with various new elements, and not just text like SMS. Through it, users can send pictures, videos, group chat support, etc. It is often marketed as the next evolution for SMS, and is an alternative to WhatsApp that comes built into smartphones without the need for additional applications.

Along with the achievement of 1 billion active RCS users, Google Messages also introduced several new features, including Photomoji that makes it easy to change pictures into stickers or emojis, Voice moods that make it easy to send voice messages along with emojis, Screen Effects that add animation effects when sending some words like "I Love You", Animated Emoji, and also profile support.

With Apple also announcing that RCS support will be added to the iPhone next year, it is not impossible that we will see users of the RCS messaging service continue to increase day by day.

For yourself, do you use RCS or Google Messages?

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