Melaka Also Uses Roads With Glowing Lines In The Dark

 The use of glowing road lines in the dark or glow in the dark is said to be able to help drivers see the road more easily. At the same time reducing the risk of road accidents which is becoming more and more worrying every year.

Its use has now been extended to three roads in the state of Melaka that are often identified as the location of fatal accidents. The areas involved include Jalan Kemuning-Hutan Percha in Alor Gajah district, Jalan Tehel-Bukit Katil and Jalan Bemban-Serkam in Jasin district.

It was chosen because there is no light source at all, including from lamps in the nearby area. Each road will be colored with luminous lines of about 300 meters and the implementation will last for six months to see the effectiveness.

This new implementation also complements several existing locations, namely selected roads in Johor and Jalan Sungai Lalang (B19) in Hulu Langat.

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