Messenger Enables End-to-End Encryption By Default And Message Editing

 The Meta Messenger messaging service is now safer to use after the end-to-end encryption (E2EE) feature is enabled by default today. This feature has been long requested and plans to support it were announced last August. It will encrypt private text messages sent but also voice calls made through it. Previously E2EE had to be activated by the user himself but many did not realize it existed.

In addition, users can also edit sent messages. Editing can only be done within 15 minutes of the message being sent. Edited messages will have an "edited" label so the recipient knows they have changed from the original.

Messages deleted after 24 hours can also be sent. This feature can only be used by those who have activated the E2EE feature. On these self-deleting messages, the time label remaining before they are deleted will be displayed at the bottom.

HD image and video transmission is also currently being tested on a small number of users before being rolled out to more in stages. Finally messages in audio form can now be played at 1.5x and 2X speed.

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