Attention : Please Stop Uploading Documents And Personal Data To The Open Web

 One of the issues that many Malaysians and internet users are confused about is the leakage of personal data. It is sometimes present due to a weakness in a particular system that is exposed to various vulnerabilities. Although it is difficult to control, one of the things that can be controlled is to control the uploading of documents and personal data to open sites, such as Scribd.

Scribd is one of the sites that allows users to upload documents, and share them with others. However, one of the things that becomes a problem is when many people upload personal documents such as copies of MyKad, employee data, student data - and set them as open access.

This point has been emphasized by Technology Preachers several times, and our own review found the rate of personal documents being uploaded to platforms like Scribd to be quite alarming.

As an alternative to the open platform, users who want to share a private document may choose another private alternative such as Google Drive with private or controlled settings – and delete the shared document after finishing something.

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