Apple Is Reportedly Developing Two iPhone Prototypes With Foldable Screens


Apple is now reportedly developing at least two iPhones with foldable screen designs – thus allowing Apple to compete with a number of other Android smartphone manufacturers.

Regardless, according to TheInformation, development is still at a very early stage, and if it does go into production, it may not be as early as 2024 or 2025.

It is said that Apple has been in development for this foldable phone since last 2018. However, they face several challenges, including some technical challenges. But, what is a bigger challenge is to come up with a feature that will make users want it when it is launched later. In addition, the price factor also plays a role in the production of the device.

With this new development, let's all look forward to a device in this new category from Apple in a few years - if it steps into the production phase.

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