Gemini Advanced In Malaysia Is RM97.99 Per Month – Including 2TB Cloud Storage

 Google has rebranded Bard to Gemini. It will be the new digital assistant for Android users alongside Assistant. After the Gemini app is installed, the user can later choose one to use as default. At the same time Gemini Advanced was also launched, which is Google's generative AI subscription plan powered by Gemini Ultra 1.0.

The Gemini Advanced subscription plan is included in Google One. In Malaysia you can subscribe to it at a price of RM97.99 per month with two months free. This plan comes with 2TB of Google Drive storage, access to Google One's premium features, and premium customer support. If users are not interested in this AI Premium plan, the original plan of RM42.99 per month is still included.

This plan also has no annual subscription offer and is limited to monthly only. For those who are willing to subscribe to the 5TB plan at a price of RM107.49 per month, Gemini Advanced is free until 31 July 2024. For now, the Gemini application is limited to the United States only so those who subscribe are limited to using Gemini Advanced via the web. If you already subscribed and still want to use it, the APK is now available on the web.

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