Chrome Now Detects Dangerous Website URLs in Real Time

Every day there are reports of fraud cases where banking information is collected through fake websites with the design of real websites. The process of identifying these fake websites is getting more difficult because of the small screen of the device and we now rarely look at the URL carefully. Recognizing this fact, Google Chrome introduced a new security feature that blocks dangerous websites in real time.

Google's Safe Browsing feature on Chrome has been around for the past 15 years and it monitors 10 billion URLs every day. But this system updates the list of dangerous sites every 30-60 minutes. In this period of time, there are bound to be scam websites that slip out of the list and are ready to dance prey. Now Google Safe Browsing is enhanced with real-time monitoring that is safer.

Chrome will see a list of previously verified sites on the owner's device. When detecting a new, unknown URL, it will be compared to a list of safe sites on Google's online database. If it is found to be dangerous, a warning will be given to the user and the URL will be blocked.

This real-time Google Safe Browsing feature can be used on desktop and iOS versions of Chrome. Android devices will receive it next month.

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