Oppo Watch X Review – Handy Watch With Long Lasting Battery

As previously reported , Oppo recently launched another new product, the Oppo Watch X smart watch. Through the offering of this smart watch, a better user experience is certainly expected and may make Oppo one of the manufacturers The best smartwatch on the market.


Oppo Watch X

1.43″ AMOLED screen, 466 x 466, 1000 nits

Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 processor

Memory/Storage 2GB RAM,

32GB storage

WearOS 4 Operating System

5ATM protection

Sensor Optical pulse scanner, accelerometer sensor, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, electronic compass, barometer sensor, bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor, running posture recognition function

Others GPS, Galileo, Glonass, BDS, QZSS, Bluetooth 5.0, Microphone Speaker, IP68

500 mAh battery

7.5W charging

Construction Materials Stainless steel frame, Sapphire crystal glass screen, Rubber strap

Price RM1399


As usual in terms of design, Oppo rarely fails to produce stylish and quality looking designs on most of their devices. The design is quite stylish while applying classic elements with a round 1.43" AMOLED screen.

The weight of this watch is 49g which is a little heavier than the Redmi Watch 4 that I have tested before but the weight is still acceptable and does not put an extreme burden on the wrist. On the back there is a sensor with a plastic construction that is comfortable when in contact with the skin.

Oppo Watch X comes with a silicone watch strap with two color options, namely Platinum Black and Mars Brown. The type of watch strap is quality and durable and does not cause itching on the wrist during the period of use. Wearing this watch while sleeping also does not feel uncomfortable at all.

On the right side of the clock there are two buttons that are used to show the list of applications and to run some settings. Although, there is a button on one of the buttons, the button does not move the display when rotated but will only work if pressed. There are also two small buttons on both ends of the watch strap that work well and make it easy to reassemble or change the watch strap if desired.

There are various types of backgrounds available and can be changed according to the user's taste. One of the things I like about this watch feature is that, the clock display can not only be changed according to the suit but the theme color can also be selected according to the desired color. Usually I will change the color theme of the display on the clock according to the color of the clothes worn.

More interestingly, this watch is also durable where according to Oppo there is a 400% increase in durability if this watch falls on a hard surface. The clock screen with a sapphire crystal glass construction can also display the screen display clearly and what is most important is that it is not easy to scratch.

But a little disappointing, the screen has a very thick bezel. Using a background display with a bright color will cause the thickness of the bezel to appear more noticeable. However, overall the clock design is very satisfying with stylish and classic design elements.


Throughout the period of using the Oppo Watch X, I can say that this watch is a smart watch that is useful for daily use. All available applications and functions can be run properly. But in terms of smoothness, I have to say that it is not consistently responsive. This is because sometimes the scrolling looks smooth but there are also in some cases I realized that there is a slight time delay on the scrolling screen.

However, the screen has a peak brightness level of up to 1000 nits which is definitely able to provide a good screen description even under the scorching sunlight.

Ohealth app is required and should be downloaded from PlayStore for free to avail all the features and functions available on it. I tested this watch by connecting it with Oppo Reno11 5G with a simple Bluetooth connection process without having to scan any QR code.

The WearOS 4 operating system used on this watch looks good with no frustrating software issues. But what I realized during the period of use is that the notification that appears on the watch is a little slower than the notification display that appears on the phone and the vibration system is a little weak making me overlook some notifications often.

The various intelligence applications available on the Oppo Watch X can also be used easily through its built-in sensors. Among them is sleep time monitoring technology that shows a record of different stages of sleep time. In addition, monitoring of stress levels, tracking of hundreds of types of exercises and many other features are also available. Even the payment function using Google Wallet and the Google Assistant feature can also be used.

However, I found that this watch could not be connected with the iPhone and even the supporting application in the App Store was not built. However, connection to other Android devices such as Samsung is possible.


Oppo Watch X has a capacity of 500mAh which I admit is not the biggest when compared to other smart watches on the market but in my opinion, the size of the battery capacity is very sufficient. This is because the battery can last for 4 days in one full charge.

During this almost two week period of use, I have only charged the device twice and to this day it is still usable and the battery still lasts a long time. A magnetic charger is provided to charge the device.

The performance and efficiency of this watch is certainly generated by the technology injected into it, which is dual-operation system technology. Technically the two operating systems used work in accordance with the change so that performance and battery life can be balanced, where the Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 chip runs WearOS while the BES2700BP MCU processor runs the RTOS. This makes the watch battery last longer.


1x Oppo Watch X

1x Watch Strap

1x Portable magnetic charger

1x USB-C Cable

1x Set of manuals and safety books


What I can conclude about this Oppo Watch X after two weeks of using it is that it is a useful watch with excellent battery life. The design is also beautiful and comfortable when worn. The benefits through features and functions that are built together are very helpful in daily life and can increase the user's productivity.

The price offered for this stylish smart watch with a touch of classic elements is RM1399. For those who pre-order now until April 22 will receive a RM100 rebate and can also buy an additional watch strap at a price of RM1 compared to the original price of RM129.


Long lasting battery with fast charging.

Peak brightness level 1000 nits.

A good sensor for health and intelligence records.

Has a magnetic charger.


Rotary knob that doesn't work when turned.

The scrolling is consistently unresponsive.

Thick bezel.

Weak vibration system.






= 8.4

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