Microsoft Launches Phi-3 Mini AI Model That Can Run On Smartphones

Microsoft today unveiled their latest Phi-3 AI model that targets direct use on smart devices. Three models were launched namely Phi-3 Mini, Phi-3 Small and Phi-3 Medium. At this time only Phi-3 Mini has been launched and it is trained with 3.8 billion parameters but has comparable capabilities to GPT 3.5.

Because of its small size Phi-3 Mini can run directly on computers and smartphones like the Phi-2 announced last December. Microsoft has plans where Copilot will run directly on computers. This will speed up the process of giving answers compared to now.

Phi-3 Small was trained with 7 billion parameters while Phi-3 Medium was trained with 14 billion parameters. With the Phi-3 Mini, Microsoft has an AI model that can compete with the Gemini Nano that can already run directly on the Pixel 8 Pro device.

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