Scientists Produce Goldene That Is Only One Atom of Gold Thick

Gold is one of the metals that has been valuable to humans for thousands of years. It was used by the Egyptian civilization as an ornament on the pharaoh's coffin and plated on sacred objects by the Aztec civilization. After being shaped, plated and forged, now Goldene is produced by scientists from Sweden's Linköping University with a thickness of only one atom.

Goldene is the same as graphene which also has the same thickness but is based on gold. Because it is thin, goldene has a superconducting ability to conduct electricity and heat better than ordinary gold. As a result the use of gold in electrical components can be reduced if it is replaced with goldene.

In addition to that it can also be used as a filter, producing chemicals and also catalysts. Next, researchers from Linköping University will try to produce a new material one atom thick using other metals. A research paper producing goldene has been published in the journal Nature Synthesis.

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