A Sarawak firm is studying producing rice from sago

We regularly report on the news of human-made meat produced from plants and 3D printing techniques. The majority of these food technology innovations are carried out by foreign firms. Now a firm from Sarawak is doing research on producing rice from sago trees.

Sarawak Education, Innovation and Talent Development Minister Dato Sri Roland Sagah Wee Inn said the CRAUN Research firm is currently conducting research on producing rice with starch from sago. According to him, the sago rice produced is almost difficult to distinguish from real rice.

CRAUN Research has been doing this research for two years. One of the reasons it was done was to ensure food security for Sarawak because rice is a staple food and at the same time to diversify sago products.

At this point, the rice produced from sago is still in the laboratory testing stage and is not yet ready to be marketed commercially. The firm CRAUN Research stands for Crop Research and Application Unit which was established in 1993 to improve the competitive data of the Sarawak sago industry.

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