Dyson Supersonic Nural is now in Malaysia at a price of RM2,399

The Dyson Supersonic Nural was launched in Malaysia today as a smart hair dryer that has a new Nural Sensor technology that detects the temperature around the clock to protect the scalp and hair to be healthier and at the same time prevent damage.

This Nural Supersonic hair dryer is equipped with a Nural sensor that will automatically reduce the air temperature to 55°C for scalp comfort when the distance of the hair dryer is too close to the scalp. This makes it suitable for use specifically on dry, sensitive and oily scalps.

There is also LED lighting on this hair dryer that will automatically change to yellow, orange and red depending on the distance of the machine from the user's head. Each color of the lamp shown indicates the meaning of heat adjustment, which is low heat, medium heat and high heat.

Not only that, interestingly this hair dryer can remember the settings of the last time it was used. This at the same time simplifies the user's hair dryer routine and it will automatically adjust its settings the next time it is used.

Another cool smart feature is that when the Supersonic Nural is placed down, it automatically shuts off, reducing airflow and unnecessary noise. This smart hair dryer also has a motor that makes the process of drying hair 6 times faster while providing stylish, beautiful and shiny hair drying results.

The Supersonic Nural hair dryer can now be purchased in Malaysia starting today at a price of RM 2,399 each. Purchases can be made at Dyson Demo Stores and their official website.

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