Google Is Testing The Ability To Run Chrome OS On Android Devices

The Android operating system is developed for smartphones. Now Android is used on many categories of devices, while Chrome OS is for the computer category. Most recently, Google is reportedly testing the ability to run Chrome OS on Android devices. Sources said Google was doing demonstrations with partners but did not reveal when it would be released to the public.

If you remember, Google once developed the Andromeda project which combines Android and Chrome OS as one operating system. The project was discontinued after Android and Chrome OS were each successful. For this new test, it's ferrochrome and Chrome OS seen running on a Google Pixel 8. Interestingly on the device it's still Android but after the device is connected to an external screen, the screen displays Chrome OS instead of Android. This may be an early iteration of Samung DeX by Google.

According to sources, Google uses emulation technology on Android devices to run Chrome OS. Android devices already have powerful specifications and this is no problem to make the ferrochrome project a success. At the moment it is still not certain what Google's plans are with this concept, let's all look forward to it.

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