Instagram Is Getting More Serious With The Notes Feature, Now You Can Like And Tag Friends

Notes is a feature introduced on Instagram two years ago. It allows users to share notes of up to 60 characters, shareable audio and short videos that can be viewed by followers and friends. This feature is like Stories because it is only displayed for 24 hours and most recently users can tag friends on Notes, other users can like and can also access promos for quick sharing.

It's clear here that Instagram is getting serious about the Notes feature and trying to encourage people to use it. This feature is still being rolled out to on my device it is still not supported but my office version is. In my experience, Notes are now more concise Stories. Users can like and tag others to interact with others.

A feature that looks a bit interesting is the Prompt, where a user creates a Notes with a title and other users can use the same Notes just need to enter their own opinions or feelings. Users can then see how many people are using the same prom but the username will be hidden.

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