Matter 1.3 Now Supports Energy Reports, EV Charging, Water Management And More

Matter is a universal protocol for connecting Internet of Things (IoT) devices used by Amazon, Apple, Google, Huawei, IKEA, Oppo, Signify, SmartThings and many others. Most recently, Matter 1.3 was announced with support for more devices including electric vehicles.

The Matter 1.3 standard begins to support energy usage reports and can also provide users with real-time energy generation estimates. Not only that, for electric vehicles it allows users to control charging such as manual or automatic with the desired power consumption rate. For water management, if users have sensors or Internet of Things devices that can control water – Matter 1.3 can control pipe valves, detect leaks or control rain detection sensors.

The new standard also supports devices such as microwave ovens for remote control, oven controls for various different operating modes, electric cooktop controls such as temperature and more. Selected kitchen hoods also support Matter 1.3 so users can control lights and fan power. While support for clothes dryers gives users a variety of controls like other smart electronics.

Matter Casting, which was just announced last January, has also been updated so that it has better performance and a notification system that makes it easier for users. Matter also made many changes to ensure a smoother experience of using Internet of Things devices at home or in the office. Matter is also supported on Google Home for control with Google Assistant or Apple Home for control with Siri.

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