Microsoft 365 Family Subscription Price Raised To RM41 Per Month Starting 1 July 2024

If you subscribe to Microsoft 365 Family office productivity software, Microsoft Malaysia has today notified customers that the subscription price of the software has been increased from RM36 to RM41 per month.

Microsoft Malaysia says that this has to be done because of market conditions that require them to increase prices to maintain a high quality of service. For this Microsoft 365 Family plan, Microsoft offers the use of the latest Microsoft Office productivity software, including 6TB of data storage that can be shared with six other Microsoft accounts.

The last time Microsoft Malaysia increased the price for Microsoft 365 software subscriptions was in the middle of last year, and a year later, it appears to have been raised again. With the increase in the price of the monthly subscription, it is expected that the price tag for the annual subscription will also be increased later. We expect that it will be updated on the Microsoft Malaysia website in July.

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