The World's Tallest Residence Will Be Built In Dubai

Dubai is the location of the largest man-made island, and the tallest building in the world. While Saudi Arabia is busy developing several mega projects, Dubai does not want to be left behind and the Six Senses Residences Dubai Marina project has just been announced. When completed in 2018, Six Senses Residences Dubai Marina at 517 meters will be the world's tallest residence.

It will overtake the Central Park Tower in New York which is 472 meters high. Six Senses Residences Dubai Marina will have 122 floors. A total of 251 residential units will be offered with sizes ranging from two-room apartments to three-story luxury residences.

On the 109th floor, there is a 25-meter long swimming pool that provides an attractive view of the city of Dubai. The building's theme is healthy living and therefore the first six floors will contain treatment, therapy and even spa centres. At the same time to live in a building like this, your bank account also needs to be "healthy".

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