AI Photo Contest Contestants Disqualified for Using Real Photos

When the use of generative AI is becoming more and more contagious, many creative competitions such as art design, photography and so on are now often crowded with AI art activists who use prompts to produce works of art and not their own efforts.

The story turned upside down this time when it was reported that a contestant in the AI ​​category for the 1839 Color Photography Awards competition, Miles Astray was stripped of his victory when he used a real photo of a flamingo that he took with a camera.

With this photo, he was placed third in the category, and won the public vote award. Miles says he entered the competition to show that hard work and real experience are still better than what AI can offer, and he seems to have succeeded.

What is even more interesting is that this competition still uses professional judges from the New York Times, Getty Images and Maddox Gallery who think that it is a very good AI work.

The judges of the competition said that they understood what Miles was trying to convey, but that he should still be disqualified for violating the rules of the competition.

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