Mozilla Comes With Solo – Makes It Easy For You To Build Websites Using AI

Mozilla has some interesting offerings, and the latest is Solo. Solo is an artificial intelligence-based offering by Mozilla, which allows anyone to build a website without having to know how to write code or program.

Using Solo, you can generate a website by simply providing information such as the business name, existing website, and what the website's focus is. Next, users can choose the type of writing, color and so on.

After that, Solo will generate the website automatically, using various images and theme options. The next user can make any necessary changes.

Solo is offered for free, and users can also publish it directly – either using addresses generated in Solo, or linking existing domains directly to the generated site. For now, Solo limits to generating 3 websites per account.

For those of you who want a platform to publish a simple website, you can try Mozilla Solo, and produce your website in just a few minutes.

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