ChatGPT Seen "Hallucinating" With Fake Links For Article Sources

We are ready to see ChatGPT and various other generative artificial intelligence generating wrong and wrong answers, at the same time many label these artificial intelligence models as hallucinating. Most recently, through tests conducted by Nieman Lab, it also showed that ChatGPT did not lead users to the correct reference link for an article.

The test shows that ChatGPT generates the URL even though the URL does not exist. This problem also arises involving ChatGPT licensing partners, where the generated link does not exist and leads to a 404 page.

It is seen that OpenAI has not responded regarding the generation of these fake links, instead only saying that they are developing an experience that integrates breaking news with conversation-based interaction methods on their platform.

However, this one thing leads to a big problem where not only are the answers produced sometimes inaccurate and wrong, and now the reference links that are shown are also just generated and do not exist.

So, those of you who regularly use this artificial intelligence, may need to check the generated answer many times before relying on it.

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