Japanese Billionaire Cancels Moon Orbiting Mission Due to SpaceX Delays

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa announced that the Dear Moon Project mission to take eight people around the moon has been cancelled. This is because the mission that should have been carried out in 2023 has been delayed due to the Starship spacecraft not yet being able to be produced by SpaceX.

This mission received a lot of attention because it was the first mission using Starship announced by Elon Musk and Yusaku Maezawa in 2018. Among the individuals selected to be the crew were DJ Steve Aoki and KPOP TOP star (Choi Seung Hyun). Maezawa said the decision to cancel the mission had to be made because there is currently no date when it will be able to launch.

SpaceX's failure to produce Starship has also caused the Artemis Mission to be delayed to 2026. Although tests have been performed three times, Starship still failed to return to earth as required by the mission. In the first two launches it exploded while in tests when communication with the control center was lost before it crashed.

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