NVIDIA Project G-Assist Assists Video Game Sessions Using AI Chatbots

Often times when faced with a puzzle in a video game, I'll go to the forums or the GameFAQs site to find a solution. If the game is still new, the answer will be known only after a few days. NVIDIA today unveiled Project G-Assist, an AI chatbot that helps solve various problems in video games.

G-Assist can receive text and voice questions provided by players. It will then use LLMs trained using video game developers' data to provide answers to players.

For example questions about the best weapon in the early stages or what kind of weapon is the most powerful can be asked to G-Assist. It can also recommend the best settings for certain video games based on the specifications of the user's PC components. In the demo shown, the game settings will be changed according to the player's instructions to ensure a stable 60FPS frame rate.

According to NVIDIA, G-Assist can be accessed through a cloud service or run on its own on a PC with an NVIDIA card capable of AI processing. At this time, Project G-Assist is still just a demo that is not ready to be given to everyone. It's very similar to the Copilot feature for PC and Xbox games that Microsoft showed off a few weeks ago.

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