Microsoft AI Chief Thinks All Content On The Web Can Be Used To Train AI

The head for Microsoft AI, which is Mustafa Suleyman through an interview, now states that any content that has been published on the web or is on the web, it is free for anyone to use and copy it – including for training artificial intelligence models.

Responding to an interview question regarding the use of content, Mustafa Suleyman stated that since the 90s, the social contract is that content published on the open web is free to use in the form of "freeware". This simultaneously shows that all content on the web is free to use to train artificial intelligence, and generate content through it.

This can be considered different from the assumption of many parties, especially content publishers. Although free content is used, it is not to produce a competitor or that can have an impact on the original publisher. It contrasts with a number of artificial intelligence-generated service providers that are seen "stealing" content and leading to impacts for original content publishers.

Previously, several publishers have filed similar lawsuits against Microsoft and OpenAI, due to misuse of content. The answer given by Mustafa Suleyman also leads to a number of other questions related to how these artificial intelligence focused companies operate in training their respective artificial intelligence.

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