Nothing Will Integrate AI Virtual Assistant Onto Nothing Phone (3) – To Be Launched 2025

Nothing is one of the device manufacturers that is ready to receive the support of a number of investors, including Google. They have already launched smartphones and even earphones. In addition to producing devices with quite unique designs, the CEO of Nothing, Carl Pei, also shared the company's future plans.

Through what was shared, Nothing now focuses on the development of virtual assistants and the integration of artificial intelligence at the operating system level. With this step, a variety of information can be displayed easily to the user - at the same time turning the smartphone into a virtual assistant that facilitates the user based on the context of a certain time.

Some examples were shown by Nothing, including a home page that organizes various things according to a user's needs. In addition, a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence was also shown which is generated specifically for each user – and can be the user's conversation partner. This virtual assistant is also present on various parts of the smartphone, the result of deep integration at the operating system level.

Nothing states that this initial integration of artificial intelligence will be implemented starting with Phone (3) which is scheduled for 2025. This step is also targeted to be the next phase in the mobile device arena, and Nothing itself aims to enter the post-application phase through the integration of this artificial intelligence.

With this development, let's all look forward to what Nothing will introduce next – and how various other manufacturers will react to this feature.

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