Brave Web Browser Now Has Nearly 79 Million Monthly Active Users

Brave is one of the web browsers based on the Chromium engine, and comes with features such as an ad blocker, integrated search support, and several other optimizations. Brave was founded by the former founders of Mozilla and Firefox.

Most recently, the founder shared that May 2024 is the biggest month for Brave so far. The number of users continues to increase, and not only using the web browser, but also using the Brave Search search support.

In May 2024, Brave saw around 78.95 million monthly active users, and around 28.64 million daily active users. In addition, Brave Search also saw more than 843.02 million searches occur every month through it.

With the transition to the upcoming season, Brave's CEO is targeting that usage figures may decrease slightly due to school holidays and vacations. However, it is not impossible that Brave will continue to strengthen their position in the web browser arena in the coming months, until they reach 100 million users.

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