Starship Finally Reaches Full Target In Fourth Launch Test

The fourth launch of the Starship spacecraft into space was done by SpaceX from Boca Chica Texas a while ago and finally this spacecraft successfully met all the requirements of the Integrated Flight Test 4 (IFT-4) mission. Both the Super Heavy rocket and the Starship successfully returned to earth as planned by SpaceX.

In the early stages of the launch, one of the 33 Raptor engines on the Super Heavy did not fire. Even so it is still able to launch the Starship into space before returning to earth. The Super Heavy then all returned to earth to make a landing on the sea surface of the Gulf of Mexico. Like the Falcon 9 rocket, the Super Heavy is designed to return to Earth on its own so that it can be used many times.

Then the focus was on Starship which this time managed to turn on all six engines making this spacecraft move at a speed of almost 30,000km/h. The video of the takeoff from the Starship was interrupted for a moment, causing many to think that like the previous three missions, the Starship exploded again. But the video signal returned after twenty minutes providing visuals of the Starship making a vertical landing in the Indian Ocean, 66 minutes after launch from Texas, USA.

SpaceX needs the IFT-4 mission to go according to plan because just four days ago Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa canceled the Dear Moon Project mission that wanted to take eight people around the moon. It was canceled after the Starship raven was fully prepared for the mission that was supposed to be carried out in 2023. Space's delay in completing the Starship also resulted in the Artemis III mission that brought astronauts back to the moon being delayed to 2026.

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