USB Drive Containing Kpop Sent To North Korea Using Balloons As Psychological Warfare

The Korean War that started in 1950 never really ended. South and North Korea simply agreed to a truce in 1953 until now. Fighting on the battlefield may have stopped for 71 years but the psychological war between Seoul and Pyongyang is now continuing with balloons.

Today the Free Fighters of North Korea (FFNK) group sent 10 balloons to North Korea containing 200,000 leaflets criticizing Kim Jong Un, US Dollars and 5000 USB drives containing Kpop music and Kdrama videos. This is in response to North Korea sending 3500 balloons to the South containing garbage and excrement.

This balloon war was started by FFNK last May 10 when they sent 2000 USB drives containing Kpop music videos using balloons. The use of balloons to send propaganda content has been done since the 1950s before it was stopped by the South Korean government to maintain good relations.

It was then continued by NGOs who sent books, videos and later DVDs containing kpop and kdrama content. The use of USB drives is in line with the times where it is easier to send propaganda in digital form.

North Korea previously agreed to stop launching junk attacks on the South but with this latest FFNK action, this latest "balloon truce" may once again be over.

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