Google Pixel 9 And Apple iPhone 16 May Use The Same Screen

OLED is the best screen for any device. First it supports really dark black, then other colors can be displayed in very bright and sharp conditions. Samsung is one of the best screen manufacturers on the market right now. In the future, Samsung Display will reportedly be a supplier to Google and Apple.

More interestingly, the ETNews report states that all of this year's Pixel 9 will use the same screen as the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max. This screen uses the code name M14 which focuses on longer life and better brightness compared to previous OLED technology.

Even if Google and Apple choose the same screen, the display quality will probably still be different. This is because what is displayed on each device has been optimized with its own software. Let's all look forward to the launch of the Pixel 9 and iPhone 16 to see for ourselves if the screen offered is as good as the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?

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