TikTok Applying to Trademark “Genie” For AI Chatbot

TikTok is now seen to have filed a trademark application called "Genie" in the United States. This "Genie" is said to be a chatbot software based on artificial intelligence that will be offered by TikTok.

This "Genie" offering is expected to be more comprehensive and offer additional features compared to Tako before. Previously, TikTok introduced Tako in the Philippines, which focuses on discovering interesting content on TikTok through text-based input. Genie is expected to offer a wider range of abilities than it does.

For information, Meta is also starting to gradually offer Meta AI on Instagram and WhatsApp, which allows users to ask various questions, generate photos, and interact with celebrity characters through it.

For now, TikTok is just applying for a trademark, and it is not yet known when it will be officially introduced. There is also a possibility that no product with such a name is commercialized.

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