National Data Center Hackers Will Unlock Data For Free Out of Pity

The National Data Center (PDN) was attacked by the Brain Cipher hacker group using LockBit 3.0 ransomware. As a result, 210 government agency services such as immigration and scholarship were disrupted for almost two weeks. Indonesia insists it will not pay the $8 million ransom demanded by the hackers.

This morning, Brain Cipher released a statement saying they will provide the password to free the data held hostage tomorrow. The reason given is that they feel sorry for the hardships the Indonesian people are experiencing due to their attacks. Therefore, Brain Cipher apologizes for all the difficulties encountered.

Brain Cipher also advises the Indonesian government to invest in infrastructure and manpower to ensure that this embarrassing attack does not happen again. The first disadvantage of PDN is that backups are not performed regularly. The agency blames PDN for not backing up important data while the Ministry of Communications blames the agency for not doing it itself.

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