YouTube Introduces Feature That Only Deletes Infringing Songs But Keeps Dialogue

One of the challenges of being a content producer on YouTube is finding the right song for background music. Sometimes unknowingly music that is thought to be free to use actually has a copyright holder. As a result advertising cannot be done as long as this music is not removed.

Hence the Erase Song feature is introduced where parts containing copyright infringing music can be muted. However it also causes any dialogue that is also in the audio track to be muted and the video will be awkward to watch. Erase Song has been updated by YouTube with a new feature that will only delete background songs that violate copyright. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), the dialogue in the video will be preserved.

There is still a feature to directly delete the problematic part of the video, replace the music or simply mute the audio. The feature will roll out to users via YouTube Studio on desktop and mobile devices in stages over the next few weeks.

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