6 Advantages and Disadvantages of HP with Large Power Batteries

 In times of pandemic like now, everyone is required to carry out various activities at home. This includes work, school and college. Gadgets, of course, are the mainstay. Whether it's a laptop, cellphone or tablet.

For HP, specifications with large capacity batteries are one of the most sought after. In addition to making users do not need to charge many times a day, the large capacity battery is also able to make it active all the time. Like one of the OPPO A15 specifications.

Here are some of the advantages of HP which has a large battery capacity.

1. Last All Day

This is clearly the first of the advantages of HP's large capacity battery. Can last a full day on a single charge. For those who are active outside the home, this is certainly very encouraging. You don't need to carry a power bank everywhere.

2. Continuously Active

Those of you who always exist certainly need a cellphone with a large capacity battery. This is because the battery power will keep you active continuously. Whether it's calling, chatting, online on social media, watching videos, or playing games.

3. Can Play Games for a Long Time

In addition to large RAM and a sophisticated chipset, playing games requires a large battery. This will obviously make playing the game free to linger. You know, playing games really sucks up battery power. So it will quickly make you have to charge again. Well, if the power is large, this certainly will not be done often.

Well, in addition to the advantages, there are also disadvantages to choosing a cellphone that has a large battery. Here are some of them.

1. It Takes Longer Time to Recharge the Battery

This is of course logical. The large battery power will obviously make the charging time of the battery when it runs out to full will be longer. For example, for a battery with a power of 4,000 mAh. Normally it takes 2-3 hours to charge. The greater the power, of course, the longer it will take to charge it again.

But fortunately, now there is something called fast charging and super fast charging innovation. Thus, the time used to charge a large capacity battery from empty to full becomes shorter. It can be 1 hour and some even only 0.5 hours for a 4,000 mAh battery capacity.

2. Risk of Easy Heat

A cellphone with a large capacity battery certainly makes users always actively use their cellphone. It can even be non-stop. Now this is very risky to make HP easily hot. And the heat can also be above the heat of ordinary HP-HP.

If left unchecked, this is certainly not good. The heat of the HP can trigger damage to its internal components. Even though there is now technology that can cool the cellphone from the inside.

3. Dimensions and Weight of Large HP

This one is also logical. The larger the battery capacity, the larger the battery size. Because most batteries are embedded in the cellphone, the most visible is of course the size of the cellphone in general. The size becomes larger or thicker, and the weight is also heavier.

Those are the 3 drawbacks of a cellphone with a large battery power. Actually, these three minuses have innovations that can minimize them. So, the advantages are more dominant.

Are you looking for a cellphone with a large battery capacity? Maybe OPPO A15 you will like. Because in addition to having a large battery capacity, other OPPO A15 specifications also have many advantages.

1. Light and Elegant Body

Those of you who like the look of a beautiful, light, and elegant cellphone will definitely like the OPPO A15. It weighs only 175 grams with a solid body design and color, looks elegant and also a bit premium.

2. Have a Bright Look

Another advantage of the OPPO A15 is its bright screen resolution. With the help of Artificial Intelligence making brightness will be done automatically. Whether it's in a dark room or when it's hot outside.


3. Have a Large Capacity Battery

This is what we discussed earlier. The OPPO A15 has a 4230 mAh battery. Obviously, this will get you a full day of activities on a single charge.

4. Have a Comfortable OS

OPPO A15 uses ColorOS 7.2 OS based on Android 10. This type of OS has many features that will make users comfortable. From the new Dark Mode, Icon Pull-Down Gesture, and also the Smart Sidebar.

5. Have a fairly fast performance

OPPO A15 uses 3 GB of RAM with a decent chipset. So in multitasking and performance in general, he's pretty fast.

6. Already Using Fingerprint Sensor

Do you want to securely store data on your cellphone? OPPO A15 can. It has a fingerprint sensor that will only recognize your fingerprint. So the cellphone can't be opened by other people. In addition, the OPPO A15 also supports the Face Unlock feature.

7. Have a Great Main Camera

OPPO A15 carries triple camera technology for three cameras on the back. His own strength was 13 MP. A decent amount of power in producing great photos.

Those are the superior specifications of the OPPO A15. How's that, good right? It's not just the battery that's great. But also others. Are you interested in owning it? Let's just go shopping at Blibli. There are many shops that sell OPPO A15 at an attractive price. Hope it is useful!

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