What is Tiktok Shop, how to sell and shop


TikTok Shop is a shopping feature of the TikTok app. Here users can sell and shop online. This is the way.

Along with the development of technology, Tiktok is now starting to add an online shopping feature called Tiktok Shop. This ByteDance dropout application was declared the platform with the most users having a total number of downloads of more than 2 billion times per the first three months of this year globally.

Tiktok is increasingly loved by many people because it is a multifunctional platform with interesting features. Judging from the name, Tiktok Shop, is an online shopping and selling feature. You can shop easily while accessing the TikTok app.

Compiled by us from several sources, the process of shopping on this latest feature is very easy. You only need to make sure that the application that has been downloaded on the cellphone is the latest version and already has a registered account.

There is also no need to switch to another application to continue the transaction so as to make the shopping experience even easier. Tiktok Shop also offers products from various brands and products from MSMEs. You can also shop directly, and provide various promos to the chance to get attractive prizes.

How to sell on TikTok Shop:

Open TikTok Shop at this address

It says Become a Seller, sign up with a Tiktok account to open a Tiktok Shop. Or, you can also sign up with a phone number and email.

After that, fill in some required personal data information such as phone number, email, and so on to be completed.

After that, fill in your Tiktok Shop Seller Center profile according to what you want, such as the name of the store to the type of business you run. Make sure the name used can be easily remembered by the buyer!

After everything is done, then proceed to continue the registration. If it has been confirmed, then the Tiktok Shop Seller Center can be enjoyed to make sales.

How to shop on TikTok Shop:

Open the TikTok app and visit the store account you want, or search for it in search with the hashtag #tiktokshop

Go to his profile page and click 'Shop' with the bag icon. A list of items for sale will appear

Select the item you want and click 'Buy Now'. Fill in the shipping address, quantity of goods and others.

You can pay for goods orders via Indomaret / Alfamart, or use a credit card, bank transfer, Ovo, GoPay and Dana.

That's how to sell and shop on TikTok Shop. Good luck!

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