9 Horror Games that are Adorable, Funny or Scary, huh?

 It seems a little contradictory, if a horror theme video game, carries an adorable concept. So what are the developers trying to get to, is it a funny compliment or a scary tense from gamers?

This list, may be very suitable for players who are not used to enjoying the genre. However, this does not apply to those who are big fans of horror games, who are looking for a gripping and thrilling sensation.

However, we will share from a different perspective, that spooky need not be brutal. Here are 9 adorable horror games, compiled from The Gamer.

9 Adorable Horror Games

Penko Park

Carrying a playing style like Pokemon Snap, gamers will explore the Wildlife Park, full of strange creatures. The task is quite simple and easy to complete.

Players have to fill out your scrapbook, with photos of the spooky and adorable creatures that appear frequently. While the suspense and gruesome thrills are unlike Fatal Frame, the game has received fairly positive reviews on Steam.

Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion

Don't expect a jump scare that is presented like a horror game in general. Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion itself, actually presents a variety of surprises, which can be said to be less scary, but more funny.

If you play Sliderman or Eyes: Scary Thriller, you will be greeted by the visuals of the ghost itself. In contrast to this game, which only displays a ghost-shaped wood which is not scary at all.

Even the embedded background doesn't make the atmosphere tense. Because sometimes, the audio that appears is given a puchline of funny sound effects.

Cozy Grove

Next up, there's Cozy Grove, which is a camping game on an ever-changing haunted island. As the main character, the player is asked to explore the forest on the island.

Then find the hidden secret, to calm the spirits there. The setting of the place offered is almost similar to the popular simulator game, Animal Crossing.

Monster Loves You

This time, ineters will be brought to play the role of monsters in the game Monster Loves You. Players must make a decision, from the available storylines.

Gamers will live in the village of Omen and surprisingly, your favorite food, is a child's finger. The game mechanics offered are very simple.

Because players only need to complete various missions from the existing dialogue. Where it determines the storyline at the end of the game.


Have you ever played Citampi Stories? More or less visual Omori, similar to the game from Indonesia. It's just that the genre that is carried is different, where this game is more directed to horror, not a love story.

You will explore a strange world with friends. Then choose some dialogue, to determine the story line at the end of the game.

Lost In Random

The next unique horror game, comes from Lost In Random. The background of the story is really interesting, where the fate of the residents in this strange city is determined by the roll of the dice.

Players will take on the role of a girl, named Even, who is determined to save her sister. Together with his adventure buddy, Dicey, you must try to embrace the chaos in the city and unravel the ancient tales there.

Little Misfortune

Even though it is categorized as a horror game, in fact, Little Misfortune is a pretty sad game. Playing the emotional gamers, through the brutality of the life problems of Misfortune, a little girl as the main character.

In the game, players must accompany the life of Misfortune, with various choices and accompanied by a friend named Mr. Voices. You will go out of the house, to explore the forest, to unravel a bad mystery.

Yomawari: Night Alone

The story of Yomawari: Night Alone changes, when the main character gets into an accident and loses his sister. This little girl too, decided to explore the darkness, to find the person she loves.

Players will meet a variety of ghostly and spooky creatures, accompanied by quite a tense backsound. Even so, the visual design presented is quite adorable.

Little Nightmares

Finally, there is Little Nightmare, which can be included in the recommendations of horror games for internet. Giving you the freedom to explore, you will play as Six, to find a way out of a place full of big monsters, called The Maw.

On this great ship, inhabited by broken souls looking for food. The player's objective is to help Six through all the gloom.

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