How to Make Google Forms on HP


Google Forms is one of the best services for creating online surveys or questionnaires today. As we know, Google Forms is a free service available from Google for its users.

How to make a Google Form is also very easy without the need for help from other applications, here are the steps:

1. Make sure you first have a Google account in the form of Gmail.

2. Open a browser on your cellphone, then go to the Google Forms site at

3. Select the desired form template. Where there are several options such as Blank, Event Feedback, Order Form, JobApplication, and Time Off Request. If you want to design your own template, you can choose the blank option.

4. For those of you who access via Google Drive, open the site page or click New located in the upper left corner then select More and select Google Forms. Next to Google Forms, then navigate to the right arrow and click Blank form or from template.

5. Write a short description in the Form Description column so that people can understand the purpose of the created form.

6. Then create the question you want to ask and select the format of the question type which consists of:

• Multiple Choice (Multiple Choice) for answers Yes, No, Maybe or Others

• Short Answers or Paragraphs for answers that require descriptions.

• Checkboxes and Dropdown options. To add a question, you can click the "+" sign on the right side.

7. After you have finished making it, choose Upload which is right on the top right side of the Google Form, then share the Google Form link that has been created and send it to the intended respondent.

If you feel that the Google Form link is too long, you can change it to be shorter by directly clicking on Short URL and then Copying the link.

Meanwhile, to see the results of the questionnaire or form that has been created, you can look in the Responses section to the right of the Question section. You will see how many people have responded to your Google Forms.

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