Google Releases New Font, Says It Makes Online Reading Easy


Google has just released Roboto Serif, a new typeface for Android that is claimed to be ideal for reading text online. Those of you who often read online might like it.

Roboto Serif is now available on Google Fonts and will be included with Android as part of Google's Material Design. Google said they created Roboto Serif for reading because most users spend about seven hours per day reading something online. With this in mind, Google created fonts specifically designed for this purpose.

"Roboto Serif joins the other Roboto superfamily, namely Roboto Sans, Mono, Slab, and Condensed," said Google font consultant Sarah Daily, quoted by 9to5Google.

"However, unlike Roboto Slab, whose design is derived directly from Roboto Sans, this new font brings a distinct identity to the collection," he said.

"We wanted this font to feel comfortable side-by-side with sans-serif type, and not look cluttered," adds Rob Giampietro of Google.

Font creation is not as simple as we see the letters after they are finished. There is a lot of creative process involved behind it. Accordingly, Google has also released a full typo specimen document detailing all the technical details for Roboto Serif, including various examples of how the font can be applied in a variety of uses, from cookbooks to music lists.

"Google Fonts' mission is to make web typography better for everyone," says the book.

"We've invested heavily in variable font typefaces, as well as tools for their production, testing, and use, and we're excited to see what creative designers and developers are doing with this technology."

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