NVIDIA Creates Software That Can Generate 3D Objects From 2D Images


The process of generating 3D objects takes a long time if it needs to look realistic with high detail. A 3D model of a train in the game Gran Turismo Sport for example took up to two weeks to produce. Various techniques have been developed to speed up and simplify the process of generating 3D objects.

NVIDIA has developed a software called NVIDIA 3D MoMa. It can produce a complex 3D object after processing the captured 2D image. In the demo shown by NVIDIA, 120 images of a trumpet are taken from various angles before being processed by NVIDIA 3D MoMa.

A complex 3D model can be generated in an hour using an existing NVIDIA Tensor Core GPU on the market. All the textures and lighting are also generated once. These 3D objects can then be imported into video games and 3D software to be manipulated as usual.

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