Seamless Updates Must Be Supported on Devices Launched With Android 13


 Android device manufacturers now need to support the Seamless Updates feature if they want to stay using Google Media Services (GMS). This is according to a report from Mishaal Rahman who found this requirement in the latest document published by Google.

The Seamless Updates system has been introduced in Android 7.0 Nougat since 2016 to enable important system updates to be given to devices quickly directly from Google without having to wait for them to be given by the device manufacturer. It requires storage to be partitioned virtually into A/B format. Many manufacturers such as Samsung for example do not use this storage partitioning system for their own reasons even though it is already used by default on Pixel devices.

It's about time this feature became mandatory as it not only makes the update process faster and more importantly it is done in the background without the need to reboot the Android device.