Elbit Lanius Drone Designed To Perform Suicide Attacks

 In Ukraine, the importance of using drones on the battlefield has been successfully proven. Its small size makes it difficult to detect and it is able to provide the exact position of the enemy which is then shelled using artillery. Almost all drones used by the Ukrainian military are commercial DJI drones.

Recently Elbit System has launched a Lanius drone designed to carry out suicide attacks. Lanius is a small drone weighing 1.25 kg and carrying 150 grams of explosives. It is small enough for three Lanius to be carried on a larger parent drone. Then when the target is found, it can fly for up to seven minutes to perform a suicide attack on the enemy.

Another ability of Lanius is to fly in groups with its own artificial intelligence using the Nvidia Jetson AI system. A waiting mode is also provided with Lanius placed in front of a door and only flying to attack a target when the camera detects an armed enemy.

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