Attempted Smuggling of Computer Components During Typhoon Saola Busted


Stories about the smuggling of computer components into the Chinese market are something that we find quite interesting. The techniques used to attempt smuggling are unique, but are often caught by Chinese government customs.

Recently, it has been reported that there was an attempt to smuggle computer components from Macau to China during the recent Typhoon Saola in the region. The incident occurred on September 1, when an Audi SUV was pulled over at the Zhuhai–Macau border on suspicion of smuggling goods.

The immigration authorities have found a large number of components in several secret compartments in the engine compartment and also under the vehicle. The seized components include 1500 pieces of CPU, 1470 pieces of RAM memory, 30 pieces of graphics cards and 40 thousand NAND memory/storage chips.

Some reports also say that this smuggling attempt is among the biggest in recent times, and although Chinese customs have not confirmed the total value of these components, they are estimated to be worth around $1 million (~RM3.5 million).

It is also reported that these components will soon be publicly auctioned for anyone interested in owning them.

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