Study Finds 56% of World's Oceans Have Changed Color Due to Climate Change


 If a small child is asked what the color of the sea is, the answer given is usually blue. But the latest study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that the color of the world's oceans has changed over the past 20 years from blue to green.

These changes are more pronounced in areas near the Equator. In total, 56% of the world's sea surface was detected to have changed color. The changes were detected after analyzing images taken by the Aqua satellite over the past 21 years. This change to green is due to the existence of the ecosystem of life, especially phytoplankton.

Researchers say this color change is caused by changes in sea water temperature but the long-term effects on the ocean animal ecosystem are still unknown at this time. Phytoplankton has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the air but it varies by species.