The Government Is Studying To Regulate TikTok

 The government is now seen to be studying several methods involving the social site, including to regulate TikTok, and also the TikTok Shop e-commerce feature that comes with it.

This partnership comes after the government previously stated that it was also studying the need for various social media platforms to be registered with the government and have an operating license in Malaysia, in addition to implementing a minimum global taxation rate for platforms like this.

Previously, the Indonesian government had banned the integration of e-commerce on social platforms - at the same time making TikTok Shop banned in the country for the time being because it was included on the social platform TikTok.

The Minister of Communications and Digital has also shared several times stating that TikTok does not remove fake news content proactively, and is also said to remove pro-Palestinian content on their platform. TikTok had previously denied the matter, although the Minister stated that there was tangible evidence for it. The Minister is expected to meet with TikTok representatives this Thursday in further discussions regarding a number of issues raised earlier.

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