Malaysia Listed As Market With MacBook Pro 14 With Most Affordable Price Tag

 Recently, the Apple electronic equipment price comparison site among various selected markets has listed Malaysia as a country where customers can buy a MacBook Pro 14 laptop powered by an Apple M3 processing chip at the most affordable price, beating countries such as the United States, Canada, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

This website compares the three MacBook Pro 14 models, with different storage options, memory and processing chips. For the MBP 14 M3 model with 8GB memory and 512GB SSD storage, the price tag is $1576, which is not far from the RM7499 price on Apple Malaysia's website. This price tag is a little lower compared to

For the second model with the same memory and 1TB storage, Nukeni puts a price tag of $1744 for the model, which is sold at a price of RM8299 in the local market, and this price tag is still the cheapest when compared to other markets.

The last model compared is the MacBook Pro 14 M3 Pro with 18GB of memory and 512GB of storage. For this model, the cheapest price is in the United States, at a price of $1999, while Malaysia is in fifth place with a price tag of $2101. On the Apple Malaysia website, this model is sold at a price of RM9999.

What might be a little surprising is showing the price tag of a MacBook Pro in some markets like Brazil that sell the laptop at an exorbitant price. The base model of the MacBook Pro 14 with 8GB of memory and 512GB of storage is sold at a price of $3665 which is more expensive than the MacBook Pro 14 model with the M3 Pro chip in any other market in the world.

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