Sleep well, get enough rest and have a healthy body with Samsung Galaxy Watch6

 I am a hard person to get up early in the morning. This may be due to my imperfect sleeping patterns such as inconsistent bedtimes, insufficient sleep duration and rarely getting a good night's sleep. This happens probably because I stay up at night to write articles, wait for hot news to arrive and often marathon TV series until I finish a season in one night.

Since I've been using the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic, my sleep patterns have finally improved. In this article I will share with you why and what makes this new Samsung smartwatch the best wearable device you can own. Especially for those who want to stay healthy, sleep well and always get enough rest.


Sleep Score is a score to tell Samsung Galaxy Watch6 wearers their sleep performance. Each score is also represented by a word for users to pay more attention to sleep patterns. For example if I receive a score of 72 it is represented by Good, 60 is Fair or 53 Need Attention which I need to pay more attention to if I want to stay healthy.

This score is obtained from the amount of sleep time, sleep cycle, amount of time awake during sleep, level of physical recovery and also mental recovery. Each of these categories also has its own advice that the watch wearer can read in order to give more awareness of the importance of adequate sleep.


All the data I mentioned above can be read in the Samsung Health application. It is a complete report on the health and fitness of Galaxy Watch6 wearers. There is even additional data such as skin temperature to know the best temperature that can ensure a good night's sleep. Each of these data has a graph in a neat, beautiful and easy to understand display.


There are studies that have found that colors can create different moods for each person. For example, blue/green is calm, orange/yellow increases appetite, red brings energy, purple brings creativity and many more. However, each person has a different interpretation of color depending on personal or cultural factors.

With the Samsung Galaxy Watch6, various customization features are possible. For example, choosing different watch face designs that also have their own uniqueness. Users can also change the color theme and by using Routine the color can change according to time such as red morning and green night.

If you are wondering is customization limited to software only? The answer is no! Samsung Malaysia also has a Galaxy Watch Studio, where the size and color of the watch can be selected as well as which watch strap bundle before purchase.

In Malaysia, there are two main options for this smart watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic and the regular Samsung Galaxy Watch6. Both have different sizes which are Galaxy Watch6 Classic 43mm which costs RM1,399 or 47mm which costs RM1,499. While the regular Galaxy Watch6 offers a size of 40mm at a price of RM1,099 or 44mm at a price of RM1,199. The LTE version is also offered for every hour at an additional price of RM300. The color options for the Galaxy Watch6 Classic are silver and black. Galaxy Watch6 offers gold, graphite and silver colors.

With the holiday season just around the corner, Samsung invites you all to share the joy with your loved ones by gifting them a premium smart watch for them to be stylish with the latest fashion and take better care of their health.

If you think this Galaxy Watch6 watch is right for them, visit the Galaxy Watch Studio website or head straight to a Samsung Experience store to buy it now. In conjunction with this promotion until 31 December, there is an attractive bundle with a beautiful and special green box with a prize worth up to RM727. Among them are a watch strap worth RM239, a 15W charger worth RM59, a watch endul (cradle) worth RM129 and also a trade-in rebate with savings of up to RM300.

Color Price Model

Galaxy Watch6 Classic

47mm LTE RM1,799 Silver, Black

Galaxy Watch6 Classic

47mm BT RM1,499

Galaxy Watch6 Classic

43mm LTE RM1,699

Galaxy Watch6 Classic

43mm BT RM1,399

Galaxy Watch6

44mm LTE RM1,499 Graphite, Silver

Galaxy Watch6

44mm BT RM1,199

Galaxy Watch6

40mm LTE RM1,399 Graphite, Gold

Galaxy Watch6

40mm BT RM1,099

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