The First 86 Netflix Games Are Now Playable, 90 More To Come

 Netflix Games is the first Android and iOS game that can be accessed through the Netflix app. Netflix has today announced that customers can now play 86 titles, including GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas which were announced a few weeks ago. If you think 86 is a small number, the first 90 are currently in development and are expected to arrive next year.

Not only that, Netflix also stated that their application will also recommend the best first-time users based on usage patterns. At the same time, Netflix Games will soon be playable on television as well as on the web – but it is still in testing for US, UK and Canadian users. The TV and web versions will have a limited premiere as they require controller support.

Among those still under development and expected to arrive in 2024 are;

Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit


Game Dev Tycoon

Sonic Mania Plus

Braid, Anniversary Edition (April 30)

Chicken Run: Egg extraction

The Dragon Prince: Xadia

Dumb Ways to Survive


Harmonium: The Musical

Katana Zero

Money Heist: Ultimate Choice (January 4)

Monument Valley 1 & 2

Netflix Stories: Virgin River

Paper Trail

The Rise Of The Golden Idol

Rebel Moon by Super Evil Megacorp – based on the new Netflix movie by Zack Snyder.

Squid Game based on the popular Netflix K-Drama series – 4 players compete against each other.

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